Detecting Deception: How To Spot Fake Dating Profiles In 10 Seconds Or Less – Part 2

Getting laid in Sefton, UK is pretty easy if you know what to look for. I’ve been in this game of analyzing dating profiles for years now, so I like to think that I know what to look for. It can get pretty confusing when everything looks enticing. You go on Google and type in single ladies and about 10 amazing looking online dating sites come up. What do you think most people do? They get distracted by all the apparent options, and wind up getting lost in the shuffle looking for casual sex. What really happens? Men and women alike get duped by scam sites and scam profiles. But I can show you how to detect deception from a mile a way. I can show you how to spot a fake dating profile within 10 seconds! Do you believe that? If you have not read my previous article, here you go: How to detect dating scams PART 1

I think we can all agree that the most annoying thing is when a hot women turns out to be a phony person. You spend so much time and money trying to convince her to go out on a date, and all the while you have been speaking to a man who probably lives in South America or Eastern Europe who is trying to get you to send him money under the pretense that he is an attractive women from a sexcam site. Getting laid is really not that confusing, but you have to know about dating profiles. Specifically, you have to know how to detect fake dating profiles, because there are so many scam sites out there filled with scam profiles at every turn.

fake dating profilesMany Sites Are Scams

Scam Dating Sites

Here’s how to know that you are dealing with a scam site within 10 seconds of chatting with someone. The thing is that there are two kinds of scam sites. The first kind of scam site is an entire site that is filled with thousands of fake profiles, all of which will never write back to you.

Here’s how you know you are dealing with one of these scam sites: once you click on the homepage, take notice of the profile pictures of at least 10 of the ladies. The profiles need to be of real people that look casual and kind of amateur. None of my friends here in Sefton UK have professional headshots for their dating profiles, and why would they? It’s not sexy at all. Once you click on the link and it takes you to the home page, check and look at the profiles of the men and women. If 8 out of 10 of the profiles images are stock images or just look fake, then you can be rest assured you are dealing with a scam site. Not only that, but if you only notice female profiles on the site you can be rest assured that it’s a website built by a man to attract single men to pay for a membership under the assumption that they will meet one of these beautiful ladies. Their dating profiles will also be filled with information that does not make sense together, so just take a close look and make sure before you pay for a membership with one of these kinds of sites.

Scam Dating Profiles

The next kind of scam dating site is a normal, functional online dating site that is populated by scam profiles. These are more common than fully scam sites at the moment, mainly because scam artists are getting really good at building fake dating profiles. The fake dating profiles that you will see on a normal site are harder to detect because the information will be less jumbled together, and the images will be a bit better.

The best way to figure out if you are dealing with a fake dating profile is in the conversations you have with the person. For example, I once thought getting laid would be super easy with this hot blond woman who apparently lived close to me. As we got chatting, however, it appeared that her spelling and grammar was so poor that I was not sure we could even hold a worthwhile conversation. Then she told me she is stuck in Belgrade, and really needs help with a ticket home to see me. That’s when I knew she was not real. These scam profiles take longer to detect, but still as annoying as a full scam site. Even up here in Sefton, UK, where everybody knows everybody, getting laid is hard for some of my friends for the simple reason that they get duped into paying all their money into a scam site. Take my advice in this article and you will have no trouble getting laid.

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