Detecting Deception: How To Spot Fake Dating Profiles In 10 Seconds Or Less – Part 1

All single men in Austin need to get themselves on a good online hookup site, and change the way that they see dating. This city is absolutely packed with beautiful women waiting for men to come up to them and sweep them off their feet. If you found that there seems to be a shortage of single hot girls out in the Austin streets, you just need to realize that they’ve all migrated to the virtual hallways of online dating websites to find their men. The only solution for you is to go meet them there! However, it’s important to be mindful of the obstacles that might come your way in the form of adult dating scams.

How To Spot Online Dating Scams

While online dating sites as a whole is a great innovation, it comes with the heavy price of being placed alongside total scam domains that are complete barren virtual wastelands. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to spot online cheating dating scams. If you’ve been on the site for just 5 minutes and have already been bombarded by various chat bots promising you a good time, then chances are you have stumbled on the wrong site, and should seriously consider migrating to a more reputable adult dating platform. It also doesn’t take a whole lot of wisdom and knowledge to spot a bot. If you find a message pop up on your screen and it’s written by a woman who looks like a Victoria Secret supermodel, and she’s asking you to meet up right away to have some fun, sexual time, then this is probably a bot, and you should totally disregard the entire message. Even more unfortunate in these circumstances is that, for all we know, and actual Victoria Secret supermodel could have messages you out of the blue, so enamored by your pictures that all she wants to do is have sex with you as soon as possible. If this is the actual case, and you clicked the message away thinking it was a bot, we sincerely apologize for misinforming you. Don’t blame us, blame the persistence of bots that obstruct us from knowing the difference.

Online Hookup Dating Profiles

You can also determine whether or not the woman you’re looking at is a bot by checking out her online hookup dating profile and seeing if she seems human enough to your standards. This can be a far trickier enterprise, since it’s quite easy for a bot to conceal their robotic identities through an online dating profile. They simply input some personal information that makes it look as though they’re just a normal biological woman, but then you start chatting with them and they’re clearly a bot. In some cases, you might find a blatant sign that the female profile you’re viewing belongs to a robot. If there are pictures of a 10/10 supermodel from cam sites in her profile, and all the words point back to some variation of having sex right now, then you may well have an android on your hands.

Fake Female Bots — What To Tell Her

If you’re on a site with a lot of illegitimate activity, fake female bots will pop up at you with messages at every turn, and you might ask yourself what to tell her. Really, our best recommendation is to just leave the situation as quickly as possible, and think about talking to normal women on other websites that you can actually have sex with. A bot is not any sort of entertaining conversationalist, so a chat with them really won’t lead anywhere. You’re chatting with a machine after all, and as far as we know, machines are still far from being sentient.

Fake Women Don’t Give One Night Stands

You’re in the online dating game in order to get a few one night stands light up, and fake women online do not provide such a thing. If you want to have an actual one night stand, you need to navigate to the correct online hookup platform that provides nothing but 100% genuine women everywhere you look. Trust us, we spent a few months actually reviewing dating sites to see how much scam activity they contained. From our results, there are several websites out there replete with bots and scammers, but there are also a whole lot of options of purely legitimate sites for any user looking to be connected with hot singles in their area. If you’re caught in a bad adult dating website, and you can’t seem to be able to swim past the fake accounts to find the real women, you don’t have to think that all of the online dating world is like this. Get yourself to a good adult hookup website, and see how many crazy one night stands you can line yourself up with.

How to spot scam sites PART 2

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