Why Your Casual Dating Buddy Not Committing To You: Examining Fear Of Commitment

men commitment issuesWhy won’t he commit?

It’s incredibly frustrating for men to have a great thing going with a casual dating buddy who is bugging him to commit. It’s not that guys don’t want a relationship, it’s just that there are lots of other reasons not to commit that outweigh their desire to be tied down. Here are the top 10 reasons why guys have a major fear of committing:

1- He Wants To Shop Around

No matter how much a guy likes a woman he’s casually dating he might think there’s something better just around the corner. Being committed to one woman means he might miss out on someone else who he might be even more into. Guys usually won’t cop to feeling this way because they don’t want to show their worst side to a woman by hurting her feelings.

2- He Doesn’t Want To Change A Good Thing

A great casual sex relationship can be hard to find and guys often don’t want to commit because they don’t want to screw up what they already have. If they try to commit and it doesn’t work they’ll lose out on a good thing and have to start from scratch and having to date again. Men often feel that the best way to keep up a casual relationship is to keep the status quo and just leave things the way they are with no commitment and no strings attached.

3- He’s Had A Bad Breakup

When a guy has been burned in the past he isn’t likely to want to repeat the experience again. Getting hurt by a woman sucks and it’s no surprise that guys will do anything to avoid that, even if it means not committing to a casual dating buddy who he really likes. When a man has had a bad previous relationship where he was treated badly he won’t want to be in a spot where he has to start over with another serious relationship when he can just stick to casual sex.

4- He Doesn’t Want To Be Controlled

Guys often see their buddies who are married or in serious relationships being controlled by their wives or girlfriends and he doesn’t want that for himself. Guys love their freedom and he won’t want to give that up in fear that he’ll be tied down or be constantly told what to do. Being able to casually date puts him in the great spot of being able to do whatever he wants without having to answer to anyone.

5- He Likes To Have Multiple Women

Guys consider themselves to be pretty lucky if they’re able to have casual sex with more than one woman at a time. A casual relationship leaves him free to hookup with other local women instead of committing and being tied to one lady. Guys love the idea of being able to have their choice of women instead of being with only one woman at a time.

6- He’s Afraid Of His Emotions

A man in casual relationship might actually be really into his dating buddy but he might be afraid of what he’s feeling. Guys aren’t great with being in tune with their emotions or knowing how to express them. He might not know what to do with his feelings of falling for a woman, and he’s likely afraid of all of the worst case scenarios that are playing through his head.

7- He’s Just In It For The Sex

The straight-up truth is that some men are just interested in sex. They might be really into their jobs or their personal lives and not want a girlfriend at all. Getting laid is all some men care about and he doesn’t want to be in a spot where he needs to give up having commitment-free sex.

8- He Doesn’t Know How To Be A Boyfriend

Maybe in the past he’s picked the worst spots to bring a date, screwed up communicating in his relationship, or pissed his ex off all the time. Whatever he did wrong in the past might still be haunting him, making him think he’s a lousy boyfriend and just doesn’t want to bring up the same disaster again.

9- He Doesn’t Have To

If a causal dating buddy is giving him all of the sex and perks of a relationship without having to commit then why would he want to? Guys who can enjoy all of the great things about having a girlfriend without actually having to be in a relationship will consider themselves to be pretty lucky and want to keep benefiting without having to be tied down for no reason.

10- He’s Afraid Of Growing Up

Guys sometimes get way ahead of themselves when thinking about commitment. Many men believe that having a girlfriend means he’ll be in the worst spot of having to commit to a wife, kids, and a house in the local suburbs. Lots of guys just don’t want to change their current lifestyle by entering into the grownup world of families and marriage.

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