3 Sexting Tactics That Make Online Dating For Parents Easier

sexting tacticsBest Sexting Tactics

It can be hard to know when to use sexting. There are tons of online sexting tactics, but it’s not like you can just use it right away after meeting someone. Especially when it comes to dating for parents, sexting advice is needed to help clarify what kinds of things can be sexted, and when a good time for sexting is. Online webcam dating sites make it easier to get started in the sexting game because you will probably start talking dirty to each other after video chatting for a little bit. Dating for parents is something entirely different however, because usually dating for parents means cheating on their partner.

In my experience, it’s important to know when to use sexting, and what not to say when sexting. There are certain things you should not sext to a person if you have not discussed when to use sexting. In my experience, I’ve always had that discussion with the other person on an online webcam dating site, where emotions run more freely and saying what you feel is just easier.

The point of this article is to make it easier for dating parents to sext without making it weird or getting caught. It goes without saying that parents need to have a way to stay attracted and show their desire to another person, even if they can’t be together very consistently. This is where sexting becomes handy – because it allows busy parents to keep each other attracted to each other without even having to meet up. So let’s get right into my 3 top tips for sexting tactics that make online dating for parents easier.

Send A Sexy Snapchat

Nothing like a little video reminder how how sexy you body is, and how much you make her get all soft and full of desire for you. Send a little Snapchat of you at home in a relaxed, maybe partially exposed, position. Then you can write on top of it anything you’d like. I suggest something like: “I just can’t stop sweating when i think about you”, or something kind of cheesing like that. I guarantee she’ll love that! Not only are Snapchats nice visual messages that really get the mojo going – they also expire after being watched, so any parent you are dating would be happy to watch a little 10 second video made only for them. They will not get caught like they might if you sent them a long text message either, so it’s a win-win.

Don’t Use Emoji’s Or Anything Silly

It’s best to keep the conversations serious and sultry, full of desire. Probably the least sexy way of communicating is through emoji’s and semi-colons and all that stuff. Sure it’s cute, but it’s not sexy at all. You want to keep the conversation flowing by describing scenarios that turn you on about what she is doing, or positions you are in that might turn her on. Aside from the fact that emoji’s make you seem juvenile, they also make you come across as vague and unsure. It’s always best to be direct and push the conversation to the next level of steamy. Sure it’s one way of conveying emotions, but it’s a good way for a 9-year old to convey emotions, not a 39-year old.

Don’t Drag On The Sexting

Do you often get into long and rambly conversations with your friends about all sorts of stuff? It’s pretty easy to chat all day with friends without really getting anything done or making any progress. Maybe you think it’s just kind of random how the long rambly conversations happen, or that it’s only with a couple friends – but from my experience it’s the same with sexting. The most annoying thing, especially if you are interested in dating for parents and sexting advice for parents, is when a sexting conversation goes on for so long that the chance to meet up and have sex is gone. The worst case scenario is that you lead a woman on for a couple hours of steamy sexting only to turn her down when she suggests that you come over.

I made that mistake once, and this is probably the best sexting advice I can give. This is a time when you know that you should not use sexting, but you do anyway because it’s fun. Other times when you should not use sexting include: when you are in a large group of people and you want to sexst with someone; when you are at work; when you are driving; and a number of other scenarios. Really the only good time to sext is when you are home alone.

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